What is Automated X-ray Inspection?

Automated X-ray inspection web portal covering 2D, 3D X-ray inspection technology, equipment concept from industrial news to X-ray technology.

We provide automated X-ray inspection system information to those interested in automated X-ray inspection systems and optimized solutions for customers.

We maintain close relationships between customers and manufacturers and provide services to satisfy both customers and manufacturers.

Automated X-ray Inspection members dream is to contribute to the development of inspection by providing solutions for automated X-ray inspection systems, which can be classed as the valuable assets of inspection systems.

Nanotech Digital GmbH is good adviser for us and have a close collaboration with them. If you are interested in Nanotech  Digital GmbH you can click the image on the right to know more about them.

They have expert knowledge and know-how on thin film process technologies such as evaporation, sputtering, and CVD.

Their experience in equipment & process engineering leads us to develop roll-to-roll process technology coordination for
transparent electrode films by utilizing graphene application manufacturing processes.

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