The 30th anniversary of the foundation of SEC Co.,Ltd.

30years of Trust Story of Value Engineering

& 100 years Endeavor for Better

SEC has developed and sold the world’s best X-ray inspection systems

by fusing equipment automation technology for producing precision parts

experienced for 30 years, in addition to X-ray inspection systems design

technology for 20 years and Korea’s only original X-ray tube technology

knowledge experienced for 15 years. we endeavor to remain a company striving

for R&D, taking on new business challenges, and maintaining our customer’s trust,

all in an effort to become a company that will thrive for 30 years more.

SEC Co.,Ltd. will always make efforts to repay customers

and communicate with customers directly.

thank you for your interest and support.

Since 1991


Interview with Jonghyun Kim of SEC

SEC Co., Ltd. is a leading inspection equipment provider, providing industrial X-ray inspection systems, linear accelerator (LINAC) and tabletop scanning electron microscopes (Tabletop SEM) Established in 1991, with almost 30 years of technical know-how, SEC is continuously developing the backbone of electron-beam inspection equipment in Korea. We recently spoke with CEO Jonghyun Kim to find out more about the company and how far it has come in its 30 years.

Mr. Kim, we understand that the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. Congratulations! For readers who may be unfamiliar with SEC, can you please briefly tell us about the company?

Thank you for recognizing our 30th anniversary. SEC is a company specializing in X-ray inspection systems that improve the quality of products by detecting microscopic defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye through non-destructive inspecting. Additionally, tabletop SEM has the highest resolution in the world and allows for inspection of surface shapes and structures. A linear accelerator is designed for non-destructive testing in specific applications and for cargo and vehicle inspection at ports or borders. SEC strives to improve customer productivity and quality competitiveness based on electronic beam application technology. For maximum stability, convenience and experience, SEC guarantees continuous development as a sincere and trustworthy partner for our customers.

How has the company grown and evolved over the past 30 years?

Established in 1991, SEC began its business by developing and producing customized factory automation machinery, capitalizing on its technological acumen in designing and manufacturing precision instruments. We contributed to increasing the product quality and productivity of customers, and we used our accumulated development capacity for X-ray technology to expand their businesses into the X-ray inspection equipment market. X-ray equipment was becoming increasingly in higher demand in the electronics and semiconductor markets. Gradually, the SEC technology became known to the world, and today we export through more than 100 overseas agencies.

As the leading e-beam inspection equipment pioneer in Korea, how does SEC stay ahead of competition?

SEC is the only company in the global market that deals with three areas: X-ray inspection equipment, linear accelerator, and tabletop SEM among companies with electronic beam technology. Our high-speed 3D CT automated X-ray inspection (AXI) is especially innovative because it is equipped with deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to increase inspection precision in items such as batteries and semiconductors while maintaining fast inspection speed. Additionally, the most important parts of X-ray generators in X-ray inspection equipment are internalized, making them price competitive. Among X-ray generating devices, NTI tubes were developed to ensure a long life of 10,000 hours with high magnification and high resolution. They made SEC the leading e-beam inspection equipment pioneer in Korea.

As you mentioned, SEC focuses on three main aspects: X-ray technology, SEM technology and Linear Accelerator. Can you explain why SEC is the leader in each of these areas?

SEC has more than 20 lineups, including the “X-eye 6000 Series,” which has the highest demand by having the industry’s best inspection speed and powers of detection in the market of industrial X-ray inspection. For in-line AXI equipment, our own hybrid tube enables high magnification that cannot be implemented by other companies, and 3D CT AXI has the same speed as 2D at 3.5sec/fov, which is the world’s highest speed.

Secondly, SEC has developed the world’s second development tabletop SEM to realize user convenience and high magnification. More than 900 units have been sold so far, and SEC plans to introduce a new product in the first half of the year that it is expected to expand our global tabletop SEM market share to mark our 30th anniversary this year. In addition, the accelerator product line (LINASEC) consists of numerous S-band accelerators that provides a wide range of energy and focal sizes. For security areas requiring material identification, SEC provides 6/9MeV Dual Energy interlaced LINAC.


We noticed that SEC has a strong global presence. Do you have a strategy to continue growing and expanding into new regions?

Currently, SEC has more than 100 overseas distributors. Based on electronic beam technology, we plan to expand our global territory. SEC will expand our services by discovering and expanding new distributors and approaching customers in more regions. Additionally, we will continue to invest in the research and development (R&D) of new technologies and new products to expand our business.

Has the COVID pandemic hit SEC hard or have you been able to work around it?

Twenty years ago, the X-ray market was dominated by Japanese and U.S manufacturers; however, SEC entered the market in 2002 and in 2006 succeeded in developing X-ray tubes, a key part of the inspection system. Since 2006 we have worked hard to meet customer demand. When the global COVID pandemic hit, our manufacturing line in Suwon, Korea experienced no shortage of parts, which is a significant benefit to our customers. We are proud to say that we have not experienced any disruption to our business.

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