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Off-line X-ray Inspection System, In-line Automated X-ray Inspection System 

SEC Co., Ltd. spent over 30 years of automation technology for precision parts production facilities, 20 years of
design experience of x-ray inspection systems, and 15 years of accumulated know-hows for developing the only
x-ray tube in Korea by selling and developing the world’s best x-ray inspection system.

The x-ray inspection system detects defects that may occur in products of various industries including SMT,
semiconductor, automotive application components, battery, smart devices, and die-casting, which contributes to
improving the reliability and quality of products.

By having more than 20 steam line of products, SEC recommends a system suitable for customers. The In-line
automated x-ray inspection system is especially suited for Industry 4.0 – Smart factory, that help our customer
productivity and quality improvement which makes SEC possible to become world’s best inspection company in the fields of speed and detectability.

Major Patent Certificate

X-ray; In-line CT Inspection system and inspection method, and 42 other cases

SEM; Scanning Electron Microscope (Tabletop SEM) and treatment and inspection method, and 3 other cases

PKG; 6 Head Potting System for semiconductor ship application and potting methods, and 22 other cases


Industrial X-ray Inspection System Providers
30 years of trust with SEC Co., Ltd, 100 more years to go

In March 1991, SEC started business in developing and manufacturing factory automation equipment, and successfully
localized industrial 2D x-ray inspection system in the beginning of 2000. SEC Co., Ltd recently developed a high-speed 3D
AXI, and the market shares of SEC system is consistently expanding in the areas of final inspection process of safety and
reliability related components for industries such as semiconductor, automobile, smartphone, and secondary battery.

SEC is responding to new demands by developing key components of x-ray inspection system such as x-ray tube, LINAC,
Tabletop SEM, and semiconductor package equipment and consistently enhancing their performance.

SEC will strive to become a long-lasting company with more than 100 years through steady development of new products
and management innovation to attend to your needs.


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